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African Dance Class London

Choose something that is more gentle- Kizomba is gentler on the body when compared to Salsa. With its smooth, seductive movements and gentle embrace, you won't have to deal with any of those pesky twirls that can leave your body aching after a night of Salsa dancing.

You never have to worry about having a partner- There's no need to search among partners or stand awkwardly on the side lines waiting for someone to invite you to dance; Kizomba can often be danced solo, making it a fantastic way for hesitant novices to ease into the scene.

Introduce some romance into your life- While Salsa may be fairly energetic, Kizomba is all on two people connecting, making it a far more romantic way to dance with your partner.

Look like a pro on your very first go- You'll appear to be a skilled dancer — Kizomba routines are so fluid and sensual that you don't need to be able to do intricate tricks to look good - once you master the basics, you'll be able to really shine!

Express yourself- You can express yourself creatively because Kizomba has no fixed choreography or steps, so you can improvise and express yourself freely!

Book in with Kizomba Addiction today to get started and see our courses and packages!

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