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Find Your Way to Clube Vicio the UK's Best Saturday Night Kizomba Event


Welcome to Kizomba Addiction, the host of your unforgettable Saturday night Kizomba experiences! We want your entire experience to be smooth & that's why we've created this guide, complemented by a video, to help you arrive without a hitch.


Exiting Oval Station

Cross over towards the church.

Through the Churchyard

Navigate straight through the churchyard and exit on the other side.

Cross Brixton Road

You'll encounter a traffic light. Cross over to the other side of Brixton Road.

Enter Business Park

Look for a large business park and enter through the small black metal gate.

Finding Flow Dance

Descend the stairs, turn right, and Flow Dance is the first door you'll encounter. Don't miss out on an incredible night of Kizomba! Make your way to Flow Dance this Saturday. Got questions? Reach out to us directly on WhatsApp. We are looking forward to dancing with you soon Bangolano & The Kizomba Addiction Team

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