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African Party Dance Classes

Kizomba is a popular Angolan dance style that is smooth and seductive and is often done to slow-tempo music with a strong beat. Close body contact and complex footwork characterise the dance, which is generally performed in a calm and flowing manner.

This sensual dance has gained popularity around the world and is now danced in many countries. It is typically danced in a social setting, such as at a dance party or in a club, and is often accompanied by live music.

At Kizomba Addiction we welcome everyone to join our fantastic dance classes

Whether you’ve had some past experience with Kizomba, are a keen dancer or brand new to it all, we offer a warm and welcoming community where you can learn all about Kizomba. If you want to have a true Kizomba experience in London, come to our Kizomba dance courses.

Our dance sessions will have you dancing and shaking alongside local Kizomba dancers in no time! The Kizomba courses are provided by highly experienced Kizomba teachers, all of whom will give you all the skills and knowledge needed to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the experience.

To book our dance classes, see our packages and book today!

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