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Kizomba Dance Classes Near Me

When you want to learn something new, something exciting and something that gets you moving, Kizomba is the perfect choice! Designed to get you moving your body and giving you a chance to meet new people, we at Kizomba Addiction offer a fun, engaging and welcoming community for you to join.

We want to use the power of Kizomba dancing to build a community of healthy, happy individuals

Our dance studio provides a secure environment for self-expression while empowering growth, opportunity, and connection through the power of Kizomba dancing. We give members of the Kizomba community a place and an opportunity to advance personally, and we always want more people to join us.

We offer a safe environment where, through the power of Kizomba dance, we encourage development, opportunity, and connection.

We provide helpful plans which allow you to learn everything there is to know about Kizomba. If you want to dive right in for the New Year, the Gold Plan costs £47 and gives you the chance to learn more about Kizomba methods. If you use the discount code newbie, you will save £20 on your first month!

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